​We suffer from the delusion that the entire universe is held in order by the categories of human thought.  - Alan Watts

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Meeting #1

It's gonna happen...

All instruction is individual and all details about our sessions are completely CONFIDENTIAL and I will never share any information or your name publicly or in private without your permission.
I break down the instruction and teaching into three separate meetings designed to first build an understanding of the process, an awareness of subjective experiences and then the final meditation.  We’ll progress slowly with a different form of meditation during each meet-up.  Each meeting should be about 30 to 45 minutes.

Our first meeting will be an opportunity to meet and get to know one another.  I’d like to know what experience you might have, what your understanding of meditation is, and what your expectations might be.  I use this first meeting to provide an introduction about what mediation is to me and what it’s not and how it can add to our physical and emotional health.  We may try some initial mindful or relaxation techniques for you to try out before our next meeting.  I may also recommend a few resources to read before meet again.  You can download a syllabus of our first conversation here.

The next time we meet, we’ll talk about how you feel since our first session, your initial practice and about what you thought of the resources I shared.  After we recap our first meeting, we’ll progress to a short guided meditation no longer than 10 minutes based on you interest and comfort level.  We’ll talk about your reaction and experience immediately afterwards.  Then we can set up our next meeting and what type of meditation might be best for you.

In our third meeting, after we recap our previous sessions, we’ll sit together in some form of practice, likely vipassana or vedic.  I will instruct you beforehand on how this is done.  This will be about 20 to 30 minutes of silent meditation.  And afterwards we can discuss your thoughts and any subjective experiences you might have had during this initial practice.  It’s important we remind ourselves that meditation is actually very easy when practiced correctly.  And you should be comfortable and prepared to begin your own consistent practice after our third meeting.

It is very common and even likely that after a few weeks of practice, you’ll start to question if you’ve forgotten something or if you’re “doing it right.”  Your experience will begin changing and it will even vary day-to-day depending on your state. When this happens, we can sit together again and answer your questions.  I’m always happy to meditate together until you’re comfortable that you "have it.”  I still travel to retreats and sit with some my own teachers as a regular check to my practice as well – as do many friends and students do with me.

Meeting #2

Meeting #3


Beginning secular meditation in 3 sessions.