​We suffer from the delusion that the entire universe is held in order by the categories of human thought.  - Alan Watts

Evelyn S.   |  Independent Consultant  |  Portland 
"I want to thank you for teaching me.  Yesterday something outside my control happened that would have knocked me down for a while in the past. Instead I took 15 minutes to meditate and think about some of the things you've shared with me about your views of life and the results are incredible!"

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Lian F. |  Broker  |  Portland
"I was feeling stuck in my meditation practice and I couldn't get out of my head.  
John not only has been teaching me different techniques to help me relax and finally quiet my "head roommate", but he has helped me take my practice to a higher level.  His patience, knowledge, guidance and pragmatic approach, has taken me to reach a state of stillness that I never thought I could achieve." 

What they said...

Kind words from some pretty wonderful people.

William O. |  Business Owner + Entrepreneur  |  Scappoose
"I am a classic type A type personality. My mind is never still and is in many ways in charge of me. I have tried many times in my life to relax and calm my mind.  In twenty minutes John was able to help me not only relax and calm my mind but my entire body as well."

Austin R.   |  Business Owner and Entrepreneur  |  Portland 
"I enjoyed the fact that I was actually being taught how to do something that up until now seemed so esoteric that I would need Buddha himself to teach me."

Chelsea P.   |  Certified Health Coach  |  Lake Oswego 
"I already loved meditation before working with him but have a newfound respect for the health benefits and overall life benefits of meditation now.  John gave me access to deepening my meditation practice so that I get even more out of them and I'm having an even fuller experience of the power of meditation and I am very grateful."