​We suffer from the delusion that the entire universe is held in order by the categories of human thought.  - Alan Watts

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I generally teach out of my home studio but many different arrangement can be accommodated for everyone's convenience.  And as you'll read in the 'fees' section' and though I'm not a Buddhist, I like the practice of 'dana' but even that's not necessary as I'm pretty fortunate that my needs are met and I teach meditation because I truly believe these practices help people and shouldn't be restricted by income. 

John Schreiber

I'm a husband, father, Ironman, endurance athlete, and entrepreneur living in Portland, Oregon.  I retired at age 45 from a successful career as a creative director to focus full time on my personal development, philanthropy and teaching. 
I've been practicing meditation in different forms most of my adult life in many countries around the world and very intensely over the past 5+ years - including hundreds of hours of monastic silence in both Buddhist centers and on retreats.  
My regular practice includes technologies like Anapanasati (Mindfulness of breathing), Vipassana (insight), Metta Bhavana, Walking Meditation, Mantra meditation, Visualization (contemplation, guided visualization), Transcendental meditation and others.  It's truly my joy to be able to teach and help others understand what these different techniques can do with regular practice.