​We suffer from the delusion that the entire universe is held in order by the categories of human thought.  - Alan Watts

​Euthymia (yu-thee'me-a)

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Definition: A pleasant state of mind.  
​In Seneca's essay on tranquility, he uses the word euthymia, and defines it

as "belief in yourself and trusting that you are on the right path."  
​It is this state of mind, he says, that produces tranquility.

These a some of my favorite books, websites, podcasts and other places I've found that provide and excellent understanding and inspiration from a secular... 

Evelyn S.  | Independent Consultant |  Portland 

I want to thank you for teaching me.  Yesterday something outside my control happened that would have knocked me down for a while in the past. Instead I took 15 minutes to meditate and think about some of the things you've shared with me about your views of life and the results are incredible!

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I've had the privilege to share different types of meditation with so many wonderful people and I'm grateful for their encouragement.   


In Buddhist tradition, teaching is given freely because it's considered priceless.  I happily teach meditation for free or (dana)
​free will offering because...

​Meditation is a practice that helps us to bypass our, mostly by default, subjective thinking and experience which happens to be the source of much...